AIT Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs master’s and doctorate scholarships

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AIT Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs master’s and doctorate scholarships

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs master’s and doctorate
scholarships in sustainable development

The opportunity

Students from developing Asian nations are offered the chance to
pursue their master’s or doctoral studies in fields relating to
sustainable development at one of Asia ’s leading postgraduate

The scholarships

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Asian Institute of
Technology have partnered to offer a program called “Education for
Sustainable Development” from 2006 to 2009. Master’s and doctoral
scholarships will be provided to students from countries in South and
Southeast Asia – Afghanistan , Bangladesh , East Timor, Nepal,
Pakistan , Sri Lanka and Vietnam – the Mekong region low-income
countries of Lao PDR and Cambodia , as well as other less developed
countries in Asia .

He scholarships cover degree programs in fields relevant to
sustainable environment, human rights and gender, and poverty
alleviation. The core idea of the scholarships is to support Norwegian
program countries in Asia with emphasis on sustainable development for
enhancing institutional capacity building.


• Scholarship recipients will be selected according to AIT’s
admission criteria, rules and regulations to ensure that the most
suitable candidates are admitted based on an assessment of the needs
of the nominating agencies in the Norwegian program countries.

• At least half of the scholarships will be offered to women candidates.

• Priority will be given to candidates nominated by project partners
in the Norwegian MFA-AIT program countries.

• After successful completion of graduate studies and professional
training in AIT, the scholarship recipients are obliged to return to
their home countries for strengthening institutional capacities and
contributing in building sustainable societies.

• Recipients are required to conduct thesis research on topics
relevant to their respective home country’s development needs
incorporating gender, environment and sustainable development concerns.

• Scholarships provide grants for conducting thesis research.

• Both traditional and flexible master’s programs are available. The
flexible master’s program enables students to pursue their studies
while carrying out professional duties in their home countries.
Preference will be given to staff of public sector agencies,
government departments, training institutions and universities.

Doctoral scholarships are available only to candidates from
teaching and research institutions including national universities on
the broad theme of sustainable development as a part of the
institutional capacity-building process in the program countries.
Applicants must provide a relevant research proposal and nomination
from their employer as well as demonstrate a strong academic
background and experience.

Focus areas

Applicants may apply to any field of study at AIT, but the program of
study must be designed to focus on issues related to poverty
alleviation, energy and sustainable environment, natural resources
management, human rights and gender.

A number of scholarships are reserved for students pursuing degrees in
Rural and Regional Development Studies, Natural Resources Management,
Gender and Development Studies, Energy, and Agricultural and Systems

Entry requirements

• Applicants must adhere to AIT’s admissions requirements, procedures
and policies.
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January semester: 15 October

August semester: 15 March

Note: Applicants who require early offer of admission or who have visa
or passport restrictions, are encouraged to submit applications at
least three months before the deadlines.

You may apply online or download application forms at:

You may also receive the application package by mail for a nominal
application processing fee of US$25. Please contact:

Admissions and Scholarships Unit
Asian Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 4 , Klong Luang
Pathumthani 12120 , Thailand
Phone: (662) 5245031-5033
Fax: (662) 524-6326
Web site:

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