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PhD Studentships in Aerodynamics, Cranfield University

PhD Studentships in Aerodynamics, Cranfield University

The requirement for improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact is continually driving civil aero-engine designers to consider both novel propulsion systems as well as airframe architectures. The success of these proposals relies on a clear understanding of the complex aerodynamics associated with the integration of the propulsion and airframe systems. Funded PhD studentships are available for aerodynamic research in the areas of propeller aerodynamics, intake design, vortical flows and aircraft aerodynamics. The research will be conducted using experimental, computational and analytical methods and will utilise the Cranfield University Large-Scale Low-Speed Wind Tunnel as well as sophisticated Particle Image Velocimetry methods. The research will offer the opportunity to work with industry in this field and will enable individuals to be well prepared for a rewarding career after successful completion of the PhD.

Entry requirements Applicants for the post should have EU residence status and must have a first-class or upper second-class degree in engineering or a related area. Fully funded studentships are only available to applicants with UK residence status. An aerospace background would be a distinct advantage as would practical experience of experimental and computational aerodynamics.

Funding A range of good funding arrangements is available for the majority of these opportunities.

Supervisor: Dr. David G. MacManus. Dept. of Aerospace Sciences School of Engineering Cranfield University Bedford, MK43 0AL UK.

Ph: +44 1234 754735 email: d.g.macmanus[ at ]

Duration of award: 3 years

How to apply The completed application form, CV and the names and addresses of two referees should be posted to Dr. David G. MacManus.


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