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Graduate Degrees in Business

For students who are interested in pursuing a graduate business degree, there are numerous online programs waiting for you. From a master’s degree, a master of business administration degree to a doctoral degree, students have some options of degree level as well as varied business studies. The subjects available for online studies include: Accounting, business communications, finance, economics, marketing, sports management, real estate and many more.
The best jobs for graduates depends greatly on the area of work they want to do. A master’s degree in business and an MBA will prepare you to manage your own small business or work for a large firm. Many MBA graduates find careers in finance, management, typically handling money, business processes and consulting people. One career that is common for MBA graduates is consulting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consultants are in charge of analyzing and proposing ways to improve an organization’s structure, efficiency and earnings. Consultants may work independently or as a part of large organizations employing thousands of other consultants. They can do consulting for private industries or big firms, and may specialize in a specific industry, such as health care, marketing and human resources. According to BLS, consultants’ salaries vary by years of experience, education, location and expertise. In 2006, the median annual earnings of wage and salary consultants were $68,050. Another common career choice for graduates with a master’s or MBA is accounting. Accountants keep track of a company’s money, analyze and communicate financial information and keep accurate public records. They can work for companies, individual clients and government. The four major fields of accounting include: public, management, government accounting and internal accounting. According to BLS, the median annual earnings for accountants were $54,630 in 2006. Having an MBA or a master’s in business or accounting is the first step toward advanced positions like controllers, vice presidents of finance and chief financial officers in the finance departments of large companies. Graduates with a master’s degree in business or MBA may be interested in financial planning. Financial planners help individuals and businesses make investment decisions. They gather financial information, analyze it and make recommendations for investments. The BLS reports that financial planners, also called financial analysts, made a median annual earning of $66,590 in 2006.
The business industry — in all areas — is growing and becoming increasingly more competitive. The job outlook is good for most all careers in business. While the recession has put a halt on many finance-related jobs, enrolling in business school is still beneficial. According to the business publication, The Economist, people with MBAs are more likely to get jobs than applicants without MBAs and earn higher salaries. The report states that employers pay workers with MBAs about twice as much as people with only undergraduate business degrees. Knowing this, students should strongly consider earning a graduate degree in business because it will increase their job opportunities and earnings. In addition, a graduate business degree will provide you.


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